Cake Decorating Class Part 1!

   My new favorite activity down here is my cake decorating class!!  Well, it’s not mine per-se, but rather the Wilton Cake Decorating Basics Class.  

   I love it!  I’m taking it at Hobby Lobby (which is only $20 per four week class rather than $45 at Michaels or Joann’s).  So far I’ve had three classes and this coming Monday is my last… Eeek!  I’m already signing up for the Gumpaste and Fondant Class for September!  🙂
   For our first class we learned the a lot of basics of baking and whatnot… it was a little wee bit boring for me because nothing was new to me.  We decorated sugar cookies with the star tip (nothing too complicated there).  

   I did learn, however, how to frost a cake and I practiced that in the second class.  The key is taking your time and letting it “crust” before smoothing it out.  I always used to rush this process.  

   As you can see, my frosting isn’t completely smooth… my instructor said I must have added a little too much shortening in my frosting thus making it hard to “crust” because of the oily consistency.

   By the time I got home from class, I was able to smooth it out some more… and teach Beauie how to do it!

   Please don’t judge me by this cake… I would not have chosen a lumpy cupcake image to do!  However, the actual cake itself was AMAZING!  I used the Yellow Butter Cake recipe from Annalise Roberts.  (Um, she is even more awesome than Barbone!)  The cake had an amazing texture and taste… baked easily… one would never know it was g-free!

   Stay tuned for my next post about my cupcakes I decorated this past Monday!  They are by far the prettiest cupcakes I’ve ever made!!

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