Cake Decorating: The Final Product!

   I can’t believe a month has flown by already! It feels just like yesterday I had butterflies in my tummy before going to my first cake decorating class.

   This past Monday I had my final class where we got to design and decorate an entire cake by ourselves.  I was so excited I could hardly keep myself from decorating the entire thing before I got there!!   
Here’s my final cake– 
it’s totally g-free with both devils food and vanilla cake layers!
   About four days before class I pre-made 40 star-drop flowers with buttercream icing.  Within an hour they were completely dried and fairly rock hard.  I let them dry on wax paper so that it would be easy to remove them.

   Then I practiced making buttercream roses.  After three hours of frustration, I came up with twelve roses.  

   Actually, let me rephrase that:

   I produced six blue roses.  

   The Hubby produced six pink roses.  On his first try.   

   I was quite frustrated!  But grateful… it probably would’ve been two hours extra for me to get those pink roses done haha!

   Once I got to class, completing my cake was a cinch.  
   I added white “vines” that cascaded down the sides and piped a shell border along the base so I could attach the star-drop flowers.  

   And of course I needed to come up with a special occasion for this fancy cake!  

   Guess who’s birthday is this Thursday?  Bama’s!
I think she’ll enjoy some buttercream frosting… she just doesn’t know
it’s coming yet!  🙂
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6 thoughts on “Cake Decorating: The Final Product!

  1. MrsFoxsSweets

    You made such a beautiful cake! Great colors! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I have been looking at all of your class work and you really are doing awesome! You have a lot of other great recipes on here too! I can’t wait to see how your fondant class goes!


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