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Tasty Piggies in a Blanket!

   For the next few months, Sundays are going to be a day for seriousness.  Fierceness.  Competition.  And winning.  

   Hopefully.   (For my sanity’s sake!)

   My hubby is a die-hard Eagles fan.  And no worries if you don’t know what the Eagles are… I found out quite quickly after a few days of dating him way back when!  They’re the Philadelphia Eagles football team.  Woo.    

   Eh, I could honestly care less!  

   BUT, since I am a fan and all now (wink wink) I’ve decided to make Sundays more enjoyable… for me.  So I’ve begun making fun game-day foods for me and the hubs to share!

  This past Sunday I made a gluten free version of pigs in a blanket.  One of my all-time favorite treats!  I used a recipe from Funny (allergen-free) Girl called Corn-free Corn Dogs.  I followed her recipe exactly and it turned out delicious!  Click here to get her recipe.
   Look how nicely they browned!  Perfect with spicy brown mustard…

   Perfect with my chicken sausages.  Or with mini hot dogs for the Holiday time!  

   Super easy to make!  Delicious for left overs the next day as well!  Enjoy!