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Triple Cute Blog Award!

   So I received quite an honor last Saturday… Mrs. Fox’s Sweets presented me with the Triple Cute Blog Award!

How awesome is that??!  

   Mrs. Fox was one of my first blogging friends.  I love how she still comments on my posts (it makes me feel loved eeek!) even though in the past few months her number of followers has doubled, tripled, quadrupled?!  Well there is a reason for that: she rocks!  

   Take a moment to check out her sweet site: here!!!  Thank you again!

   So rules have it when you receive the Triple Blog Award, you’re supposed to pass it on to 7 others.  Check out these other great bloggers!

PS– just changed my blog design… isn’t it so much prettier… and more like me?!  🙂

PSS– just figured out how to “label” my blog posts… wow… so easy and right in front of my eyes!  My brain really needs to start functioning better haha!