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My Two Loves: Lieutenant Belanger & the Asian Market

I just wanted to take a moment to introduce my first most important love in the whole wide world… 

Lieutenant Belanger!

**cue fireworks**

This past week my hubby got promoted to Lieutenant in the Coast Guard and at the “ceremony” I pinned his new shoulder boards on  🙂

I also brought cake.

Because that’s what good military wives do  😉

(but it got dug into before I could even take nice pics!  it was my best buttercream work I’ve done to date!)

But probably the most fun part about his promotion was our discovery of an Asian grocery store afterwards.  (we are such an exciting couple)

The produce, rice noodles, spices, and weird Asiany foods galore!  Ohhh and the prices = fantabulous:

Pacific Supermarket: 1015 El Camino Real, South San Francisco, CA

yeah, I took a picture of my receipt just to make ya’ll jealous.

$19.47 for 20 awesome items. 

So guess who’s going there this Tuesday at 8:50 am and waiting in the parking lot until they open?

You know who  😉

And congratulations again to my Beau, the cutest military man ever!  Love you.

(us right before his graduation from the Coast Guard Academy  4 years ago!!)

Presenting Coast Guard Aviator LTJG Belanger

Crazy to think that a month ago Beau received his wings of gold!  After almost two years of training, he’s ready to go out into the real world and put his knowledge to good use!  So proud of him!  xoxo

pinning of the wings
winging class of 22 March 2012

we got to try out the night vision goggles… fun!

each of us got to fly the helicopter simulator

his squadron HT 28 ceiling tile Beau and I decorated

he’s such a cutie.

My first Wedding Cake!

    I had the honor of making a wedding and grooms cake for Jodi and Andrew, an amazing couple who tied the knot this past Saturday!  Andrew was stationed on the USCG cutter Juniper with Beau back in Newport a couple years ago and now he’s in flight school too!  And Jodi is a sweetheart from Pensacola.  They are so in love it’s adorable  🙂

  This wedding was also super special to me because it was my first wedding cake I’ve ever done!  And it went so smoothly and although I guess I’m biased, it looked so pretty!

three layer white wedding cake filled with strawberry, chocolate, and strawberry filling and covered in marshmallow fondant
full sheet cake made with yellow cake and vanilla buttercream

love sparkly luster dusts
I’m still nowhere near perfect at smoothing buttercream, but this is my best attempt yet

gold aviator wings made out of fondant and brushed with 24karat luster dust

cutting of the cake
Beau said I had to prove I made the cake so we took a pic of me with it!

Us all fancied up.  I loooove the white uniform.  Yum!

I'm topsy turvy tuesdays

Ladybird Ln


Aviator Winging Cakes

I had the honor of making the cakes for this week’s winging class at NAS Whiting Field!  This week I made three full sheet cakes (including a monstrous one for a birthday party).  Lots of prep work and late night bake-a-thons have turned me into one tired girl.  Wait, that’s an understatement… more like one sleep-deprived, forgot to eat and drink, back-aching, sore handed, sugar coated girl.  Phew!  Saturday is one my one day break before I go back at it again…

Well, anyways, Congrats Wingers!
(my hubby will be one in about a month!)
fondant aviator wings dusted with gold
color flow squadron emblems

the frosting wouldn’t crust on this chocolate cake  🙁  
but my friend Christina had a good description for it: cookies and cream frosting!
I think we’ll go with that description instead of speckled frosting lol

fondant wings before gold dust was brushed on

Color flow!  squadron HT-8


HT-28 … my hubby’s in this helicopter squadron

Congrats wingers!

Taxi Fam Day at Whiting Field!!!

A couple of weekends ago I had the opportunity of a lifetime to taxi the plane my husband is training on! 
Since November, Beau has been learning how to fly on the Navy’s T-34 training aircraft.  (For those of you who don’t know, Beau is in the Coast Guard so don’t be confused- he’s not a Navy guy!)  Hopefully in a week he will be completely done with his airplane training and then he can start learning how to fly helicopters!! 
All geared up for my big T-34 debut with Beau!  Note the different
patches we’re both wearing… Beau couldn’t find his extra set of
patches the morning of… I’m wearing a funky combo of patches we found at home!

By this time next year, the T-34 will be phased out and the newer and faster T-6 will take its spot.  Because of safety reasons (aka the ejection seat) no one other than military personnel will be able to taxi the T-6… so I am one of the lucky last spouses who was able to taxi the T-34!
It was pretty fun!  I wore Beau’s flight suit (which was ridiculously HUGE on me!), his helmet, and gloves.  When it was my turn, I hopped into the back of the cockpit, an aviator student helped buckle me in, hooked up my helmet microphone, and then my flight instructor drove us out to the tarmac!
Posing for the camera while climbing in the cockpit!

It was super hot inside the plane… Beau said that it’s gotten as hot as 140F when he’s been inside!  Yuck!  But it was so cool to taxi it… you actual use your feet to steer the plane and brake and it’s super hard!  I did some beautiful circles while I tried to park the plane in the tarmac haha.
Me and my instructor heading out!

And it was REALLY cool to have control of the PCL (Power Control Level) which makes the plane go fast or slow.  At one point the instructor let me go quite fast! 
The flight suit was ridiculously huge…!  By the way, the planes
in the background (with all orange bellies) are the T-6 planes.

It was pretty awesome speaking to my instructor (who, no worries, had complete control over my actions…the instruments are exactly the same in the front and back cockpits!).  It felt so official to speak through the helmet mike!

I just HAD to add this picture… look closely at Beau’s VT-2 Squadron’s slogan —
errr, well the new slogan haha!  Bad body positioning…! 

This was a once in a lifetime experience and I wish I could do it again!  I swear I’d be better at it this time around…  🙂