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Today my best friend Meagan and her husband drive in from Oregon… my first guests at our new house!  I am so so excited to see her.  I cannot believe it has been over a year and a half since we last saw each other.

And guess what we’re doing this weekend?

It’s really here.  Finally.  Four months of training.  Wish me luck!

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California Dreaming {Reality}

So I think I’ve bragged a lot to my family about how I live in the most amazing place ever.

So here’s the proof in the pudding  🙂

These gorgeous pictures were taken while running in our “backyard”and “front yard”… all of which are within walking and running distance from our little home.

And while we’re talking about running, I’d like to announce that I am officially half way through my training.  Today I ran up Montara Mountain {again} which is about 2,000 feet high.  I ran 13 miles in 2 and 1/2 hours, which isn’t too shabby considering I ran up a mountain! Now I have two more months of training.  And this week I’m kicking it off with 35 miles.  

view from trail going to top of Montara Mountain

view of the Bay and Sweeney Ridge Trail, another one of my favorite places to run

the fog rolling in

Linda Mar Beach

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i am not perfect.

you see, i think i portrayed myself inaccurately in one of my recent posts.  i believe i made myself out to be some kind of amazing health nut who always eats clean, works out like a fitness model, and who never ever gives into temptation.

but let me tell you… i. am. not. perfect.

please, let me explain:

within a 24 hour period:

 i murdered

i devoured

i ravaged

i grieved

i raged

…and then i did it all over again.

here is my victim.  a 14.1 oz Belgium Milk Chocolate Bar.  {dipped with no calorie caramel sauce?  don’t quite buy that statement but it didn’t stop me from buying it either}

you see?  i don’t have self control.  i can only go so long before something disastrous like this happens.  and it was so good.  but sooooo bad.  my running has been crap since i ate it {in addition to traveling for the past 2 weeks…} 

but you know what?  it’s completely normal.  we all have weaknesses.  like me and cheese.  and apparently chocolate.


once i have a few bites of those things i just want more and more and more.

on a happier note… i guess me running 18 miles this weekend makes up for all those sinfully sweet Belgium calories??  right??  

until next time lovelies, remember moderation.  a little bit here and there keeps ravaging under control… do as i say, not as i do!  😉

Sneaky Peek into My Exciting Life

Yeah, so as you all know I lead a VERY interesting life.  Ha.  Yeah…

So to spice it up I’m doing a killer killer 9 mile run tomorrow.  We’re talking mini mountain hills.  Seriously.

Oh, and that route above?  It’s only 7 miles so I’m adding 2 miles of {flat} trail in San Pedro Valley Park.  Which is our backyard FYI  😉

YAY for training!

ps- I’m already running out of miles!  How the heck 
am I going to do 20 miles at Week 15?  Guess I’m going to have to run to Half Moon Bay and Back!

Tuesdays with Michelle: NWM

  So what is this acronym  I speak of?

  Yes, you read that correctly… I am doing the Nike Women’s Marathon this October!  And proceeds go to Leukemia and Lymphoma Society which is amazing.

  But… so you can hold me accountable…

  Training officially begins: today.


  Certifiably insane.  Especially considering the Pensacola Half marathon didn’t end too pretty.  (But I did finish it!)

  So, I really don’t have an excuse not to run (except for my slight fear of a mountain lion jumping me haha no big deal right?)  I’m going to train hard and run those insanely steep hills and kick butt!  

  I’m a little sad that Beau will be gone for training during my race, but how cool is it that my awesome friend Liz from back home (who now lives in SF) is running the half?!  And remember my bff Meagan?!  Well she’s doing the half as well!  I know a few others as well who are racing (just no one who is doing the full… guess that means they all get to cheer me on!)

  I am very excited to push my limits and conquer this race.

  Even if it means crawling across the finish line.  No shame on that!

  So… do any of you have any great tips?  How about awesome GF training foods and snacks?  Fueling the body properly is so important, but that is one area where I need to do some more research!