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California Dreaming {Reality}

So I think I’ve bragged a lot to my family about how I live in the most amazing place ever.

So here’s the proof in the pudding ¬†ūüôā

These gorgeous pictures were taken while running in our “backyard”and “front yard”… all of which are within walking and running distance from our little home.

And while we’re talking about running, I’d like to announce that I am officially half way through my training. ¬†Today I ran up Montara Mountain {again} which is about 2,000 feet high. ¬†I ran 13 miles in 2 and 1/2 hours, which isn’t too shabby considering I ran up a mountain!¬†Now I have two more months of training. ¬†And this week I’m kicking it off with 35 miles. ¬†

view from trail going to top of Montara Mountain

view of the Bay and Sweeney Ridge Trail, another one of my favorite places to run

the fog rolling in

Linda Mar Beach

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Road Trip Day 9: California!

Oh thank goodness… we finally reached California! ¬†We traveled through the Death Valley National Park {and on side note, maybe don’t drive your 26 foot Penske truck through it?! ¬†the mountains are very¬†tall and very¬†steep…} ¬†
We had a blast and enjoyed it thoroughly!  

¬†We jumped out for a second to look at the old Borax mining stuff…

Then we saw this little blonde furball running through the super hot dessert whhhaaat?!  We were literally gone for 3 minutes and she busted out of the window and came looking for us.  
I almost had a heart attack when I saw her running out there.
But she does look rather pleased with her naughty self, doesn’t she?

Badwater Basin… the lowest elevation in the US! ¬†The camera didn’t capture it well, but the salt had a variety of colors.

Some random sand dunes in the park!  They looked like mini pyramids.

And yes, we came down those mountains with the truck. ¬†Even my car tires were smoking a little bit never-mind the truck’s… hence, the side note: drive only normal cars in this park….!

And last but not least… we drove through the Mojave Desert and skirted around the Sierra Nevadas which had this crazy scary snow storm that we thankfully missed!

And we continued on until the ungodly hour of 4 am when we reached the Bay Area, our new and most favorite home!

Road Trip Day 8 – Nevada

I decided to do some much needed housekeeping on the good old blog and decided I have to publish the rest of our road trip pics!
Enjoy these photos of Nevada… one of my favorite places to drive through… because it looks like another planet! ¬†And the mountains are HUGE!

  We spent the night in Beatty, Nevada which is only a few miles away from the California border and the entrance into the Death Valley National Park.  What an interesting quirky little itty bitty town!

  And right down the road is one of the most famous mining Ghost Towns: Rhyolite.

  Of course we went at dusk and I started to creep myself out!  But I am a sucker for these types of things.  Love me some history!

…and some artist placed these creepy ghosts on the outskirts of the “town”… *shudder*

If you missed the last Road Trip post, you can check it out here!!!

Tuesdays with Michelle: It’s a Purrrfect Life

I couldn’t decide what I should write about for today’s post. ¬†So lucky you, you don’t get to hear me rambling on about some new health thing I’m following. ¬†Enjoy the silence and Enjoy some pictures taken throughout the past few months in our favorite place we now call home: the Bay Area.

Half Moon Bay

 San Francisco

might I add this picture was taken on top of Twin Peak on 4/20…
yeah the fumes from everyone up there nearly killed us… oh San Fran & your lax laws!¬†

Home Sweet Home, Linda Mar Pacifica

Road Trip Day 7

¬†¬†Ahh, you’re probably wondering when I’m going to finally stop posting pictures of our travels… well, I still have quite a bit more so hold on and enjoy nature’s beauty!

On Day 7 we ventured to the Grand Canyon! ¬†It was gorgeous, hot, and crowded. ¬†Next time I think we’ll visit it from the North Rim where it is less crowded and touristy. ¬†And unfortunately we couldn’t hike on the trails because we had the doggies with us. ¬†We hope that we will be able to hike into the Canyon on another vacation {hopefully} not too far into the future!