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Tuesdays with Michelle: The Dirty Doz.

Since we now live in an {awesome} area, the organic options are so much better than… the Florida Panhandle, ick.

Here is the quick and dirty about veggies and fruit:

Dirty Dozen
sweet peppers
blueberries (domestic)
collard greens

oops, non-organic spinach and strawberry salad from
the Florida days.  see, that place was no good, making us eat
dirty food!**  {sorry Floridians, I’m just so happy to be out of that state}

You should always buy those guys listed above in organic form.  By the way, I listed 13 items… not quite a dozen so not too sure if my sources or I ever learned how to count properly back in kindergarten… hmm.

Clean Fifteen
sweet corn
sweet peas
sweet potatoes

mushrooms are ok!  see the wee little mushroom men?  they’re running
away from the pesticides!  {although I do not recommend getting crazy
non-organic Asian mushrooms, they might have stuff on them… do as I say, not as I do!}

These less scandalous fruits and veg do not necessarily have to be organic.  However, the more organic the better!  When we have a little more cash flow coming in, I plan on buying more of these “clean” foods in organic form… but for now I’m just focusing on the “dirty” ones.  Any little bit helps!

What foods do you like to buy organic?  I like to buy organic meats when I get the chance.  Like chicken.  I’m finding there is a huge difference in taste and quality.  I’ve also heard that organic eggs is much much better as well.

**Florida Panhandle does have organic foods, I’m just picking that area right now! 

Tuesdays with Michelle: Basic GF Foods to Fuel the Soul

  So I know what you’re thinking… “Tuesdays with Michelle” lame-o.  But, hehe, I think I’m quite ingenious.  Not that I’ve ever read the real book or anything… (here is a quick plot explanation from good ol’ wikipedia; yes I quickly googled the book – no judging!) 

  But, alas!  Such a thought-provoking title for Tuesday’s posts.  Every Tuesday will be a post on anything that may come to my mind (hmmm, maybe not such a great idea?  we’ll see what happens!)  And for this very gorgeous California afternoon, I want to do a quick run-down on basic gluten free foods.
  The process of eliminating gluten from one’s diet scares a lot of people.  The first things that come to mind: pizza, pasta, sandwiches, cakes, and cookies are off limit.  My life is over.  

  But that is far from the truth!


  Don’t despair!

  Eating those special “comfort” foods once again will just take time and patience.

  I believe that when one begins a gluten free lifestyle, they do need to eliminate all those “comfort” foods (like pizza and cake) in order to kick off their new healthy self.  Don’t buy those pre-packaged cookies.  And please for goodness sake do not buy pre-made bread at your local grocery store!  (I’ve found 95% are totally inedible and all will break the bank).

  Let your body detox and get rid of any gluten that may be wreaking havoc on your body.

mmm salads are a great way to “detox”

  Many people wonder, however, how can I begin eating gluten free?  Recently a hometown friend asked me, “how can I prepare gluten free meals for my fiancé without letting him know they’re gluten free”?

  Well thankfully, there are a lot of meals that are naturally free of wheat, barley, and rye.

 Here are some of my favorite go-to ingredients that are naturally gluten free and can make delicious meals!

Risotto (made from Arborio rice)

Rice Pasta

Rice – white, jasmine, brown, etc (absolutely no pilaf, it contains gluten.  Also steer clear of packaged rice mixtures because the flavorings usually contain gluten)

Sweet potatoes (an all-time favorite in my house!  You can either roast, mash, bake in the oven or microwave)


oven roasted potatoes with LOTS rosemary!

Vegetables (steer clear of pre-packaged ones that often contain extra calories, salt, & gluten in sauces)


Meat (carefully check labels for meats such as marinated meats, sausages, hot dogs, etc)

Asian inspired pork tenderloin with rice noodles, gf soy sauce & veggies


Almond Milk

Nuts (try to buy raw or roasted nuts but be sure to check labels, gluten is sneaky!)

Quinoa – a super grain that is super delicious!

Buckwheat (regardless of the name, it is actually a seed and not even close to being related to wheat)

Yogurt & cheese (just double check ingredients)

Spaghetti Squash with feta, kale, tomatoes, garlic, peppers
  So that list above… it goes on forever (but I got tired of listing!)  If you’re used to cooking from scratch, going gf is no biggie.  If you’re used to packaged meals then it is a little more intimidating.  

  The key is getting back to the basics and cooking with wholesome foods.  Once you get comfortable cooking the basics, then you can begin gluten free baking which is more of a science.  At that point you’ll be able to make fresh homemade foccacia bread (recipe coming soon!) or gooey chocolate chip cookies.

  Keep your eyes out for tomorrow’s drool-worthy recipe: Oven Baked Salmon with Pasta Primavera.  O. M. G.  so good 🙂

Ps– for the life of me I cannot figure out how to get my font colors to match!  please excuse!