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Wilton Advanced Flowers Final Cake!!!

Here is the finished product of my Advanced Flowers Wilton Cake Decorating class!

All flowers were hand made using royal icing.

I made the basket-weave with home made buttercream frosting. 
It is a two layer gluten free coconut cake with a coconut meringue frosting in the middle.
In love with my finished product!
xoxo   !!!

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Gum Paste & Fondant Class! Part 2

   Here are some of the flowers we made in class Tuesday night!

(not sure I’ve ever seen one that looks like 
this… ok, Wilton!)

Fantasy Flower
(don’t mind the two tone… I was running out of gumpaste!)

   And now… I’m working on two cakes… one for my final gumpaste class, which will be pretty with lots of flowers… and a Disney Halloween cake!  I entered the Wilton Hobby Lobby cake challenge October 22.  So I’ve started making some Halloween decorations.



    So much fun!!

Gum Paste & Fondant Class! Part 1

   So far I’ve gone to two gum paste and fondant Wilton classes.  It was kind of hard to get the hang of it for the first class… it’s so different to work with compared to buttercream!     However, after tonight, I can officially say I love working with gum paste and fondant!  The other girl in my class and I could’ve stayed in Hobby Lobby all night making flowers.  They’re so simple to do once you get the hang of it.  Check out my lovely creations below  🙂
The first class we made the bases for our flowers: roses,
carnations, and mums.
My first carnation I made in class tonight!
My two carnations and their bases (the funny looking “hats”
in the bottom of pic).
Calyx of carnation. 
My first rose in class!
Sweet and simply calla lillies.
Oh, and here’s my ugly bow I made the first class.  I kind of miscounted
the number of loops so it didn’t come out quite right.  Oops!  


Cake Decorating: The Final Product!

   I can’t believe a month has flown by already! It feels just like yesterday I had butterflies in my tummy before going to my first cake decorating class.

   This past Monday I had my final class where we got to design and decorate an entire cake by ourselves.  I was so excited I could hardly keep myself from decorating the entire thing before I got there!!   
Here’s my final cake– 
it’s totally g-free with both devils food and vanilla cake layers!
   About four days before class I pre-made 40 star-drop flowers with buttercream icing.  Within an hour they were completely dried and fairly rock hard.  I let them dry on wax paper so that it would be easy to remove them.

   Then I practiced making buttercream roses.  After three hours of frustration, I came up with twelve roses.  

   Actually, let me rephrase that:

   I produced six blue roses.  

   The Hubby produced six pink roses.  On his first try.   

   I was quite frustrated!  But grateful… it probably would’ve been two hours extra for me to get those pink roses done haha!

   Once I got to class, completing my cake was a cinch.  
   I added white “vines” that cascaded down the sides and piped a shell border along the base so I could attach the star-drop flowers.  

   And of course I needed to come up with a special occasion for this fancy cake!  

   Guess who’s birthday is this Thursday?  Bama’s!
I think she’ll enjoy some buttercream frosting… she just doesn’t know
it’s coming yet!  🙂
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Cake Decorating Class Part 2: Cupcakes!

   Last week we decorated cupcakes in class!
   We learned how to do a “pom-pom” flower… I made a two-toned blue flower!
   We also focused on shaggy mums which are super easy and fun to make!  It looked like spaghetti as it came out of the tip haha!
   Although simple, these are the prettiest cupcakes I’ve ever made!