Cinnamon Sugar Donuts!

GF Cinnamon Sugar Donut 

I hadn’t had a donut in years.  Years upon years.  I think high school was the last time I had a donut… But let’s fast forward to now:  gluten free grain free happiness in my belly!

Wait, grain free deliciousness you ask?  Oh yes!  And the hubs and I think they are so amazing that I am going to add them to my menu.  For you.  Because I love all of you gluten free people out there!

GF Cinnamon Sugar Donut 2

These donuts are baked, lightly sweet, and fluffy.  I think the winning combo of freshly ground cashews and almonds makes it so amazing.  So grab a cup of coffee and dig in.  Donuts are back in your life baby!

GF Cinnamon Sugar Donut 3


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