Disney Sugar Decorations!

   Ahh I am so sorry I’ve been MIA with my blog lately… during Columbus weekend we went to Amelia Island for my brother-in-law’s (Gorgeous!wedding and I just haven’t gotten my groove back!

   However, no worries… I have been playing with sugar still… A LOT of sugar!

   This Saturday is the Disney Halloween contest  eeeek!  My theme is “Mickey’s Halloween Nightmare.”  Here are a bunch of my decorations I’ve made over the past week and half!  (We haven’t been able to eat at our dining room table for about a few weeks now oops).

Here’s Mickey… my first time ever “sculpting” with gum paste.  I painted his colors on by mixing my gel colors with vodka.
Minnie the Witch with her brood of pumpkins.

Boooo!  Mickey ghosts!

Royal icing spiders, bones, hands, and eyes.

Marshmallow fondant coffin with royal icing spookiness.

Last but not least, possessed Pluto with crazy eyes and vampire fangs!

It's a Keeper

4 thoughts on “Disney Sugar Decorations!

  1. Anonymous

    Cute little characters. Great for birthday parties. Though, who would want to eat Mickey Mouse??? A budding artist…

  2. Anonymous

    That is really cool! They are works of art – reminds me a little of clay-mation characters. 🙂

    -your half marathon partner 😉


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