Eagle Birthday Cake

My largest cake order yet: two layer sheet cake for a Pensacola principal’s surprise birthday party!

My customer wanted an edible, 3D bald eagle to grace the cake.  She said that bald eagles hold a lot of spiritual meaning in addition to it being the school’s mascot.  She also wanted it to look like Alaska with the eagle perched on top of an iceberg (with all that gorgeous blue color!)
 So I sculpted an eagle out of rice krispies and covered it in gum paste.
36 eggs total in this cake!  I put 4 half sheet cakes together to make one huge double layer sheet cake.

Strawberry filling in between the layer… sealed in with my beautiful crumb coat layer… 😉

Covered in marbleized marshmallow fondant!  In hindsight I won’t cover a cake this large with fondant again… I don’t have the proper equipment to do so easily.  But thankfully the marbleized effect helped cover the two fondant pieces and it just looked more like water!

Iceberg made out of rice krispies as well.

I was very happy I had the opportunity to make this cake.  It pushed my creativity limit and I gained a lot of experience from it.  

Happy 50th Reggie!  Hoped you enjoyed your surprise party!!

5 thoughts on “Eagle Birthday Cake

  1. MrsFoxsSweets

    Awesomeness! My highschool mascot was also the Eagle! Is it PFHS?
    36 Eggs…insane! I have a giveaway going on now you should stop by and enter! You can recoup a couple dozen there!
    You have really become an amazing decorator, I am in awe of your work!

    1. Miss Michelle

      thank you! I have definitely been pushing my creativity lately and even though my creations are far from perfect, they do help me learn ways to do it better next time! This cake was actually for Ferry Pass Middle School. But how cool you went to PFHS! I have a friend that works there for color guard!


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