Easy Peesy Boston Cream Pie Cupcakes

 It’s funny that my first post I ever  wrote was about Boston’s “New” Cream Pie.  

Ohmygosh.  A little embarrassing?  Ah, well I am happy that over the course of a year and a half my posts have gotten a little bit… better?  Yes, I believe so…

  So let’s talk about this little cupcake.  It is so easy to make and assemble.  And will wow your guests.  Or you family.  Or… your tummy.  Shhh, no worries I won’t tell anyone you ate them all.

1 recipe vanilla cake (or 1 box GF Betty Crocker’s vanilla cake mix)
1 package instant vanilla pudding
milk (however much your pudding requires, I used the amount needed for a pie filling so it’s thicker)
1 tsp rum extract
1 cup heavy cream
6 oz semi-sweet chocolate chips

1)  Bake your cupcakes following your recipe (or cake box mix if you’re pressed for time!)
2)  Prepare the vanilla pudding and add 1 tsp rum extract.  Mix well and refrigerate.
3)  Make your ganache!  Bring the cream to a boil then remove from heat source.  Add your chocolate chips, let them sit a moment to soften, then stir smooth.
4)  Once cupcakes are cool, scoop a little hole out of the top and add in pudding.  Or, I used my handy dandy Wilton Bismarck Tip to “inject” the pudding inside the cupcake.  Much less messy.
5)  Lastly, dip the top of your cupcake into the smooth ganache and enjoy!

  And on a side note… we decided to do some renovating on our already renovated home: we tore out the carpet on the stairs and upstairs, removed the icky popcorn ceiling (that was only left on the hall ceiling- lazy contractors!)  So Beau has been making custom wooden steps everyday after work.  My job will be to stain them at some point.  So needless to say, I kinda wish I had these Boston Cream Cupcakes on hand to treat ourselves {actually only Beau} after our {again, his} hard day of work!


4 thoughts on “Easy Peesy Boston Cream Pie Cupcakes

    1. Michelle

      ahh, well, our house has been a disaster zone for quite some time now lol! and i’m useless (just got scolded at for throwing out some wood that apparently isn’t garbage)

  1. Anonymous

    I think accoutical ceiling (popcorn) are just fine. HG TV messed it up for 50MM Babyboomers. Not redoing our ceilings. The cupcake looks scrumptious.


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