Halloween Cake Contest… Winner!

May I present to you the winner of Hobby Lobby’s Disney Halloween Contest… Yours truly!
Unfortunately I still don’t have a camera so these phone pictures will have to do…

Everything on the cake is edible (except for the styrofoam inside the coffin!)  The cake is two-layer with red velvet and yellow cake, the three cupcakes are my “famous” apple cupcakes, and the kitty cake pops are chocolate cake balls dipped in bittersweet chocolate. 

I donated the cake to the Ronald McDonald house in Pensacola so all the children and their families can treat themselves to some a spooky Disney Halloween treat! 

Happy Halloween!

Happy Wonka Eve!!

It's a Keeper


7 thoughts on “Halloween Cake Contest… Winner!

  1. Anonymous

    Oh my gosh! That is awesome! The girls will be so excited. It looks great and I love that you donated it to RM House. You’re the best!Aunt E

  2. Anonymous

    Awesome job Michelle. Really cool ideas. I really like the ghosts. I’m sure your donation was fully appreciated. hopefully no one ate the styrofoam. I know this is just the start of more to come…


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