Happy Gluten Free Pie Day!

Hello Lovelies!  Today is Pie Day!  Err, well, Pi Day… but I’ll take a real yummy edible pie any day over that little funny number 3.14…   😉

gluten free cherry pie

Anywho, I received the most kind review on one of my gluten free Cherry Pies I sold a few weeks back:

“Thank you … thank you … thank you. The cherry pie you baked for us was perfect
in every way. It was just as I imagined and very tasty.  Everyone wanted seconds.
I am so impressed with your talent at baking a gluten-free cherry pie that is
better than the wheat flour based cherry pies I’ve had from super markets.
As I write this note, my mouth is still watering as I recall how delicious your cookies were … so light and airy and full of flavor and taste.”

Thank YOU Rick!  I appreciate positive feedback on my baked goods… it lets me know my gluten free baking is going in the right direction!  And you – yes you dear reader! – can also custom order your very own gluten free pie or try one of my cute little gluten free mini hand pies at the farmer’s market.  Everyday can be pie day!



One thought on “Happy Gluten Free Pie Day!

  1. Carl Lakes

    Looks so yummy. Cherry pie is one of my favorite desserts. Tasty and healthy at the same time. Great combination… XOD


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