i am not perfect.

you see, i think i portrayed myself inaccurately in one of my recent posts.  i believe i made myself out to be some kind of amazing health nut who always eats clean, works out like a fitness model, and who never ever gives into temptation.

but let me tell you… i. am. not. perfect.

please, let me explain:

within a 24 hour period:

 i murdered

i devoured

i ravaged

i grieved

i raged

…and then i did it all over again.

here is my victim.  a 14.1 oz Belgium Milk Chocolate Bar.  {dipped with no calorie caramel sauce?  don’t quite buy that statement but it didn’t stop me from buying it either}

you see?  i don’t have self control.  i can only go so long before something disastrous like this happens.  and it was so good.  but sooooo bad.  my running has been crap since i ate it {in addition to traveling for the past 2 weeks…} 

but you know what?  it’s completely normal.  we all have weaknesses.  like me and cheese.  and apparently chocolate.


once i have a few bites of those things i just want more and more and more.

on a happier note… i guess me running 18 miles this weekend makes up for all those sinfully sweet Belgium calories??  right??  

until next time lovelies, remember moderation.  a little bit here and there keeps ravaging under control… do as i say, not as i do!  😉

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