It’s December 2 already?! Wait, that’s the day of the Craft Fair!

   Holy moly, where has the time gone?!  I apologize for not writing much during November.  I’ve just been crafting, baking, volunteering at the animal rescue, and cooking like a busy little bee!  I’ll write a much belated post on Thanksgiving (and Beau’s birthday) later.  First I want to tell ya’ll about my first craft fair!

   Tonight The G-Free Wifey Specialty Cakes was a vendor at downtown Milton, Florida Gallery Night.  I worked with my new awesome friend, Christina, that I met in my Wilton classes.  I made an insane amount of goodies… cake pops, cake balls, cupcakes, and sugar cookies!  All were g-free except for the sugar cookies (but they were super pretty being my first time ever decorating with royal icing!)

   Lucky for me, my business cards came in about one hour before the fair.  Eeek!  (Silly UPS… they were supposed to come in last Friday).  And lucky for me and Christina we made a killing!  Well, not quite a killing… but we sold way more than we expected!  And even have a mini business order for next Friday!  Success!!  

   Thank you to everyone who supported us tonight!

   And a big shout of to my hubby Beau who is responsible for promoting my chocolate fudge cupcakes accented with peppermint buttercream!  😉   Love you!

   I will post pictures of the event in a few days.  But here are a few sneak peaks of what I made for the event!

Mini cake pop bouquets with handmade boxes!  See– told you 
I’ve been major craft woman!

Penguin and ice berg attack!

Blue sugar cookies… what til you see the mittens I decorated… uber cute!

Happy December!

4 thoughts on “It’s December 2 already?! Wait, that’s the day of the Craft Fair!

  1. Meagan

    I am so proud of you Michelle! You are so amazing! I can’t wait until you move to North Bend and we can do this stuff together 🙂 hehe. LOVE YOU!


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