Let’s Eat Clean

  As some of you may have noticed, my blog has gotten a slight facelift.

  Have you noticed it yet?  

  How about now?

  Well, just in case you get super excited to see what I’ve written and scan your eyes hungrily down to the text and photos… look up!

  The G-Free Wifey is all grown up now.  

  Welcome to The Gluten Free Wife!

  I’ve been mulling over my title for months now and felt it sounded childish, cheesy, and *gasp* scandalous.  There is (for lack of better word) a nakey people website that includes a similar word in its title and I’ve noticed in my blog stats that some people have stumbled upon my blog by searching for that scandalous one… haha!  Imagine their confusion upon entering my blog and wondering, well, where are her cupcakes?!

  I guess for their amusement I should’ve posted my Coastie pin-up photo shoot (wearing my hub’s ridiculously HUGE uniforms) before I changed my blog title.  Oh well, their loss.  Your… gain?  

thanks to Keith Wallace and his awesome photography!

  So let’s get back on track!  The G-Free Wife is embarking upon a new adventure.  Since arriving in California (which is ahhhmazing, where have you been all my life?!!) I’m more determined more than ever to lead a healthy and natural lifestyle.  

  Maybe living with mountains in your backyard helps.  Or that a Trader Joe’s is only 10 minutes away!!

  I’m still going to decorate cakes and cupcakes and pops, but my main focus is going to be eating clean.  

  Gluten has already been eliminated.  Hence the blog title…

  I’m about 95% dairy free since moving here a month ago.  And I’ve never felt better!

  And we’re also experimenting with a lot of vegan recipes over here.  Or should I say “I”… the hubs informed me last night he’s starting to miss meat at dinner.  Eww.

  So I’d love for you to follow me on my journey of eating clean because you know what?  I want Beau and I to live a long healthy life and I want you to, too!

sneak peak at pictures to come… The Grand Canyon!


One thought on “Let’s Eat Clean

  1. Heather Paige

    Cool. I have been juicing veggies the last few days. Never have done this before but already crazy about it! Carrots n beets n kale n cucumber n ginger… my goal is to have smoothies in the mornin ad raw veggie juice with lunch everyday. So good timing for me to ind our blog. 🙂 im not gluten free tho. Actually I bought the bread machine I had been saving up for today. And I alsobought brie cheese at the market so im not dairy free either. But hey I bought almond milk for the first tine today too so that works right? Ha.


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