My first Wedding Cake!

    I had the honor of making a wedding and grooms cake for Jodi and Andrew, an amazing couple who tied the knot this past Saturday!  Andrew was stationed on the USCG cutter Juniper with Beau back in Newport a couple years ago and now he’s in flight school too!  And Jodi is a sweetheart from Pensacola.  They are so in love it’s adorable  🙂

  This wedding was also super special to me because it was my first wedding cake I’ve ever done!  And it went so smoothly and although I guess I’m biased, it looked so pretty!

three layer white wedding cake filled with strawberry, chocolate, and strawberry filling and covered in marshmallow fondant
full sheet cake made with yellow cake and vanilla buttercream

love sparkly luster dusts
I’m still nowhere near perfect at smoothing buttercream, but this is my best attempt yet

gold aviator wings made out of fondant and brushed with 24karat luster dust

cutting of the cake
Beau said I had to prove I made the cake so we took a pic of me with it!

Us all fancied up.  I loooove the white uniform.  Yum!

I'm topsy turvy tuesdays

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19 thoughts on “My first Wedding Cake!

  1. Anonymous

    It looks likes a lot of work!!!! Love the shine on the ruffles. What can I say… BEAUTIFUL CAKES and BEAUTIFUL couple!!!!! Keep it up Meeshie 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    Beautiful Michelle. A lot of time and sweat. I’m sure the cake was a big hit. I’d love to take a bite. Keep at it Michelle. Edible art.


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