Obsessed with Grey’s

   Ok, so I am obsessed with “Grey’s Anatomy.”  Seriously.
   Yesterday I finished season 5 (yes, I know I’m a bit behind) and it was awesome.  And emotionally gut wrenching.  Over the past couple of years I’ve watched episodes randomly and out of order so I knew general plot changes like Izzy getting cancer… or Christina falling in love with “military guy” as I like to call him… or OMG: George dying.  He’s my favorite character (actually they all are haha!) so how can the show continue on without him?  How?!?!  
   But still, I am itching to watch season 6.  Thank you Emma for providing me with all seasons to obsess over  🙂

   Anyways, I have a theory… when one (*ahem*, me) watches a series daily, one becomes more emotionally connected with the characters.  Call me crazy, but I feel that all the doctors in the show are my friends, colleagues… I mean, I see them every day and know all of their darkest secrets!  Haha!  But I mean this in a non-crazy way… without a doubt all the characters inspire me and think this is fueling my obsessiveness.  

   Beau has even heard me say on numerous occasions I wished they were my own doctors.  Because honestly maybe I would actually get some answers and stop wasting my time with those damn Navy doctors!  (Ok, this is another topic to be broached at another time Grrrr)!

   But seriously.  This show is awesome.  And I’m obsessed.  

   Back to reality (ugh, really?  I love make-believe)… Grey’s has got me thinking about the medical field.  Not that I’ve ever taken any science beyond high school… I don’t believe Geology wouldn’t help me too much in the hospital haha… But I do wonder if I have what it takes to be a doctor.  A nurse?

   I’ve been wondering lately if I have what it takes to be Dr. Meredith Grey.  I’m not quite “dark and twisty”… I already snagged McDreamy (and he has even sexier hair: check)… but I do think I have the mental capacity, the compassion, and precision.  Part of me questions if just knowing that I could be a doctor is enough.  Or do I feel I need to prove it?  We’re talking an enormous amount of schooling (Beau, pretend loans are non-existent), time, and dedication.  But part of me thinks I should try.


   Maybe I’m just bored at this point in my life (yes).  Antsy (yes).  
   Time for a major life change?  Maybe if someone kicks my butt hard enough then possibly so.


   Maybe I should ditch the blood and get my doctorate… of History.  Because that’s always been up my alley since Day 1.

One thought on “Obsessed with Grey’s

  1. Sarah

    Love your blog! I’m definitely going to have to try some of these for my friend who is gluten free! As far as this post however, I say go for it! If you have the mind set to do it, many things can be accomplished. I would start by going back to school and taking some basic science classes and see how it goes.. if you love it and are good at it then great! If not, go back for history and get your doctorate if that’s where your passion is! Good luck! And thank you(:


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