Piggies, Pandas & Patriotic Pops Oh My!

A childhood friend asked if I’d make some cake pops for her family reunion!  Her older brother got back from his overseas deployment so the whole family was getting together to celebrate his safe return.  Such a sweet family!  

I shipped two dozen pops to North Carolina and they made it!  (I had done a pre-trial with her a week earlier to Colorado.)

One dozen red velvet with cream cheese frosting.
And one dozen double chocolate.

 All boxed up and tied with a pretty ribbon!  

Welcome home Dan!

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15 thoughts on “Piggies, Pandas & Patriotic Pops Oh My!

  1. Anonymous

    Cute little creatures. I think they are adorable and I’m sure quite tasty. Custom cake pops. Sounds like a winner to me…


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