You may pay via Credit Card, PayPal, or cash.  Please let me know in advance which method you prefer!

Please give at least one week’s notice for cake and cake pop orders!  Cupcakes and other items may be ordered with 3 days notice.  THANK YOU!!

Gluten Free Cake Pops

  • $36 dozen (1 dozen minimum order)
  • price increase for specialty designed cake pops or flavors

triple chocolate cake pop

Gluten Free Cupcakes:

    • $36 dozen (1 dozen minimum order, 1 flavor per dozen)
    • price increase for specialty designed cupcakes or flavors

Gluten Free Mini Cupcakes:

      • $32 (2 dozen minimum order, 1 flavor per 2 dozen)
      • price increase for specialty designed cupcakes or flavors

mini red velvet cupcakes

Gluten Free Cakes:

      • 1/4 sheet cake (1 layer, 2 inch height, no filling) start at $45
      • 1/4 sheet cake (2 layer, 4 inch height, 1 filling) start at $70
      • 1/2 sheet cake (1 layer cake, 2 inch height, no filling) start at $70
      • 1/2 sheet cake (2 layer cake, 4 inch height, 1 filling) start at $110


      • 4 inch round/ Baby Smash Cakes (2 layers w/ filling) start at $25
      • 6 inch round (2 layers w/ filling) start at $36
      • 6 inch round (3 layers w/ filling)  start at $45
      • 8 inch round (2 layers w/ filling) start at $54
      • 8 inch round (3 layers w/ filling) start at $65
      • Custom tiered, square, and Wedding Cakes available as well!
        • please note all 3 tiered cakes have a base price of $200

Ribbon Cutting Cake 2

      • additional customizations increase price (fondant, sugar flowers, etc)

Gluten Free Quick Breads:

      • Large Pumpkin Bread $8/ with nuts $10
      • Vegan Banana Nut Chocolate Chip Bread $10

Irish Soda Bread

Gluten Free Cookies:

      • Biscotti: Autumn Spice, Classic Almond, Orange Chocolate Chip $20-$22/ 14 cookies
      • Chocolate Chip Oat Cookies $24/ dozen
      • Vegan Double Chocolate Chocolate Chip PB Cookies $22/ dozen
      • M&M Chocolate Chip Cookies $22/ dozen
      • Vegan Oatmeal Raisin $18/ dozen
      • Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies with Chocolate Drizzle & Crushed Peanuts $22/ dozen
      • Flourless Chocolate Peppermint Fudge $12/ dozen
      • Sugar Cookies (with plain icing) $20/ dozen
      • Custom Shape & Decorated Sugar Cookies $26 & up/ dozen

Delectable Chocolate Chip Cookies


      • Fudgy Brownie Squares $22 (9 brownies, 8×8 pan size)
      • Mocha Brownies $22
      • Pecan Fudgy Brownies  $24

“Brunch” Items:

      • Large Pecan Coffee Bundt Cake $26
      • Cinnamon Buns: $15 (1/2 dz) $28 (1 dz)
      • Large Muffins (Orange Oat Chocolate Chip, Lemon Poppy Seed, Banana Nut, Banana Chocolate Chip, Pumpkin Apple)  $12 half doz / $22 dozen



      • Pies: start at $25 (Apple, Cherry, Blueberry)
      • Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie 8 inch $18

Free delivery in Pacifica and Montara, California.  Delivery charges for rest of Bay Area range depending on round trip mileage.

Please contact me at and we can further discuss your orders!

6 thoughts on “Pricing

  1. Debra Gonzalez

    OMG the BEST cupcakes with or without the frosting :) Thank you so much. Can’t wait to taste the next tastey dessert.

    1. glutenfreewife Post author

      Debra I am SO happy you loved them! It brightens my day when I get rave reviews on my baked goods! I would love for you to try more, I’ll keep you posted if I sell at any other farmers markets other than HMB! Thank you again! :)

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  3. Kathryn Nowosielski

    Hey! It’s Kat (from Ressurected) I talked to you the other day about bread.
    First, your site is AMAZING! Great photography! And, everything looks so wonderful!
    Second, I didn’t know your hubby was a Navy man. I’m a Navy Brat and my son is a retired Marine. Is your hubby still deployed? Loved your wedding pictures!!!
    About the bread, a few questions. What are the size of the loaves and are they sliced? I’ve been looking at the size of the loaves in the store and they seem “dinky” for $6 plus bucks. Do you have a price break for a standing weekly order? Say, 1 loaf and a focaccia a week. Also, you wouldn’t have to deliver, just leave it at the shop. No pressure, just let me know what you think. Also, do you have plans to supply the shop with your baked goods? That would be great for me for the extras I might need. I’m feeling soooo much better since going GF so I’m sticking with it!

    1. glutenfreewife Post author

      Hi Kat! So great hearing from you! Thank you about my website… it sure is a work in progress but I’m so happy that you like it :) My hubby is a Coastie and he came back a couple weeks ago thankfully. Sooo nice to have him back. How neat your family has military roots too!

      So about the bread loaves… these ones are 8 inch rounds, just like the “fancy” artisan loaves you might find at a bakery. I still haven’t found a good sliced sandwich bread recipe I like, but I will be sure to let you know when I create one! For these round loaves I find them much more satisfying and delicious than the grocery store ones. They’re soft with a nice crisp crust and full of flavor. They’re also not that dense ickiness that the GF grocery breads seem to have. For instance I’ve served the foccacia bread to guests and they had no idea it was GF! We can definitely talk about pricing if you would like some every week. Let me think about it and I’ll get back to you on the best way for that. And dropping off at the shop or delivering – whichever is easiest for you!!

      Also let me know if you’re really interested in a sandwich type of bread (or cinnamon raison, etc) and I’ll start playing around in the kitchen to see if I can come up with something amazing. So happy you feel better GF. For me it’s made a world of difference. Take care and we’ll be in touch! xo Michelle


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