Road Trip Day 8 – Nevada

I decided to do some much needed housekeeping on the good old blog and decided I have to publish the rest of our road trip pics!
Enjoy these photos of Nevada… one of my favorite places to drive through… because it looks like another planet!  And the mountains are HUGE!

  We spent the night in Beatty, Nevada which is only a few miles away from the California border and the entrance into the Death Valley National Park.  What an interesting quirky little itty bitty town!

  And right down the road is one of the most famous mining Ghost Towns: Rhyolite.

  Of course we went at dusk and I started to creep myself out!  But I am a sucker for these types of things.  Love me some history!

…and some artist placed these creepy ghosts on the outskirts of the “town”… *shudder*

If you missed the last Road Trip post, you can check it out here!!!

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