Road Trip Day 9: California!

Oh thank goodness… we finally reached California!  We traveled through the Death Valley National Park {and on side note, maybe don’t drive your 26 foot Penske truck through it?!  the mountains are very tall and very steep…}  
We had a blast and enjoyed it thoroughly!  

 We jumped out for a second to look at the old Borax mining stuff…

Then we saw this little blonde furball running through the super hot dessert whhhaaat?!  We were literally gone for 3 minutes and she busted out of the window and came looking for us.  
I almost had a heart attack when I saw her running out there.
But she does look rather pleased with her naughty self, doesn’t she?

Badwater Basin… the lowest elevation in the US!  The camera didn’t capture it well, but the salt had a variety of colors.

Some random sand dunes in the park!  They looked like mini pyramids.

And yes, we came down those mountains with the truck.  Even my car tires were smoking a little bit never-mind the truck’s… hence, the side note: drive only normal cars in this park….!

And last but not least… we drove through the Mojave Desert and skirted around the Sierra Nevadas which had this crazy scary snow storm that we thankfully missed!

And we continued on until the ungodly hour of 4 am when we reached the Bay Area, our new and most favorite home!

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