Royal Icing Flowers

   So remember that cake I made for my Wilton class… the one with the flowers and basketweave?  Well, here are some solo pics of the flowers I made throughout that class.  They are all made from royal icing.

daffodils and primroses

roses, violets, pansies, northern primrose

rose buds and apple blossoms

white lilies with yellow centers

i think this one is so cute!

2 thoughts on “Royal Icing Flowers

  1. Anonymous

    Very nice Michelle. I see that you are adding some movement to the creations. This makes them pop a lot more. Keep at it. I think that you’ll develop your own style over time and you’ll have your own trademark designs. I would also say that another step may be to get a flower book from the library and try some exotic type of flora that will really take it to the next level. Great work.


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