The Big Holiday Road Trip!

Not to worry… I haven’t completely disappeared… I only did, like, a 3,300 mile road trip!

I just mapquested the distance to see if I got that right.  Wow.  Crazy!

I wanted to drive home for the holidays (because I wanted the dogs to come lol) so my awesome Mommy flew down to Florida and helped me drive all the way back home to Connecticut with a quick but lovely stop at Beau’s grandparents’ home in New Jersey.  Oh and for this part we had 3 dogs in the car… Mom adopted the cutest little guy at the shelter I work at!  

So in about two and a half weeks, the dogs and I traveled from Florida -> New Jersey -> Woodstock, Connecticut -> Erie, PA -> E. St. Louis IL/ St. Louis Mo -> Florida.

I was able to visit my friends from back home and spend much needed quality time with my parents before Beau flew in on Christmas Eve.  We spent Christmas with my family and the day after hosted a large family and friend party which was so nice.  I hadn’t seen most of my family since our wedding!

Then we drove to Erie and visited with Beau’s side of the family and had a blast playing games and dancing.

Then we drove to the St. Louis area where Beau’s parents now reside and we went to the zoo, saw the Arch, and celebrated New Years.

Beau’s Momma and her side of the family also live near St. Louis so we were able to visit her!  I also got to meet his Grandma for the first time.  She’s such a sweetheart!

So that was by far my craziest yet best holiday ever!  It was so nice to see every single family member and share that wonderful time of the year together.   🙂

Beau and my brother Peter Christmas morning opening up stockings!

My family including all 3 doggies

Alfie!!!  The sweetest boy ever that my parents adopted down in FL

Caught Bama sneaking into the presents… !

Monks Mound at Cahokia!  Had studied it in great detail,
 but is even more awesome seeing it in real life!

View of St Louis from top of Monks Mound

Baby elephant with Mommas at St Louis Zoo
haha, a camel, the mascot for my college, Connecticut College

World’s Fair Building hosted in 1904
gorgeous cathedral completed in 1988

hand placed mosaics. beautiful!

The Arch!

Us with Beau’s Momma and Grandma
And lastly, it wouldn’t be a perfect Holiday if it weren’t for the love of my life <3

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