Tuesdays with Michelle: It’s a Purrrfect Life

I couldn’t decide what I should write about for today’s post.  So lucky you, you don’t get to hear me rambling on about some new health thing I’m following.  Enjoy the silence and Enjoy some pictures taken throughout the past few months in our favorite place we now call home: the Bay Area.

Half Moon Bay

 San Francisco

might I add this picture was taken on top of Twin Peak on 4/20…
yeah the fumes from everyone up there nearly killed us… oh San Fran & your lax laws! 

Home Sweet Home, Linda Mar Pacifica

4 thoughts on “Tuesdays with Michelle: It’s a Purrrfect Life

  1. Anonymous

    Beautiful, inviting and exotic all rolled into one. Makes Woodstock look a bit bland. We’re coming to visit, that is for sure…LOVE,DAD…x0x0x0

  2. Dorothy @ Crazy for Crust

    We must get together sometime! Wait…is that stalkerish? I’m in Sac, but grew up on the peninsula and my parents are still there. 🙂 Half Moon Bay is one of my favorite places ever. Whenever we can, we go walking along the beach and then eat our hearts out at Barbara’s Fishtrap or the San Benito House Deli.


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