Tuesdays with Michelle: NWM

  So what is this acronym  I speak of?

  Yes, you read that correctly… I am doing the Nike Women’s Marathon this October!  And proceeds go to Leukemia and Lymphoma Society which is amazing.

  But… so you can hold me accountable…

  Training officially begins: today.


  Certifiably insane.  Especially considering the Pensacola Half marathon didn’t end too pretty.  (But I did finish it!)

  So, I really don’t have an excuse not to run (except for my slight fear of a mountain lion jumping me haha no big deal right?)  I’m going to train hard and run those insanely steep hills and kick butt!  

  I’m a little sad that Beau will be gone for training during my race, but how cool is it that my awesome friend Liz from back home (who now lives in SF) is running the half?!  And remember my bff Meagan?!  Well she’s doing the half as well!  I know a few others as well who are racing (just no one who is doing the full… guess that means they all get to cheer me on!)

  I am very excited to push my limits and conquer this race.

  Even if it means crawling across the finish line.  No shame on that!

  So… do any of you have any great tips?  How about awesome GF training foods and snacks?  Fueling the body properly is so important, but that is one area where I need to do some more research!

2 thoughts on “Tuesdays with Michelle: NWM

  1. Ashley

    Call me anytime for advice, tips, motivation, whatever! I’d be happy to help!! Running a marathon was the most amazing experience ever and still one of my proudest moments. I’m so excited for you! Maybe one day we can do one together 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    Michelle, I am so glad that you are taking on this challenge. The only way one grows is by taking on difficult tasks and testing yourself. You are in essence not challenging others, but challenging yourself. Finishing is secondary. Setting the goal and trying to get there is what it is all about. I wish I could run with you. I’m proud of you and by the way, win it!!! Love, DAD…x0x0x0


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