Tuesdays with Michelle: There’s Nasty Stuff in WHERE?!!

Mmm hmm, that’s right.  The washing machine.  The very thing that is supposed to make our stuff clean.

Gross gross gross… and there were more nasty brown stains hidden up in the rim… 

I never thought about cleaning the washing machine until I started seeing posts about it on pinterest.  And then I looked at my machine.  And then realized that two boys had previously used {I mean, I hope they used it…} the washer and dryer.  And then I began to think about what kind of nasty stuff might have gone in the washer… um, yeah.  That thought alone was enough to make me give it a nice cleanse!

It is super easy to clean and here is the down and dirty on how to clean your top-loading machine!

Step 1:  Fill washing machine with hot water.  Add 2 cups white vinegar halfway through.
Step 2:  Turn off cycle and let water/ bleach mixture sit for an hour.
Step 3:  Run washing machine on longest cycle.
Step 4:  When water has drained, scrub sides and twisty thing in the middle (what is that even called?!)  Concentrate on the areas around the rim.  You want your machine to be white!  Not any other shade.
Step 5:  Repeat steps 1-3 except substitute 2 cups liquid bleach.

And you’re done!  And your washer should look like this now… sparklin’ white!  🙂

Have any of you ever cleaned your washing machine?  Are you gonna do it now?  Let me know!


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