Tulsa with the Belangers!

   Fourth of July weekend Beau, the doggies, and I made a 14 hour drive to Tulsa, Oklahoma!  We hadn’t seen his family in soooo long so it was wonderful to see them!

   We hung out in their gorgeous home, cooked amazing dinners, and explored Tulsa… even in the 107 degree heat!

One of my favorite things was visiting the Broken Arrow Zoo, a wildlife sanctuary.  Check out their website!  http://www.safariszoo.com/
Gorgeous tigers trying to keep cool! 

This is a Liger!  He was HUGE and loved eating the
frozen chicken legs we fed him 🙂

Kyle and I holding alligators!

Lemurs enjoying the gummy snacks we fed them

A wolf!

Me holding a baby kangaroo!!!

Here’s a funny video of a very sly monkey who 
knew the word “cup”!

   Chris, Beau, and I also visited the Philbrook Museum of Art which was gorgeous.  There is so much old oil money in the city of Tulsa and this mansion is gorgeous to prove it!  Check out their site: http://www.philbrook.org/
   Cannot wait to hang out with Beau’s family again… hopefully soon!  Thank you for such a wonderful time  🙂   

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