Welcome Home Deployment Cake

welcome home cake 2

My hubby came back from his deployment last month and boy was I so happy to see him!  {Although I must admit it was nice only running the dishwasher once a week… only having one load of laundry a week… haha}  But honestly, I missed his smile.  His bear hugs.  His goofy sense of humor.  Cooking for him.  Oh, and of course baking his favorite treats!

welcome home cake 3

So to celebrate I made this amazingly delicious cake!  It’s my favorite classic chocolate cake with caramel buttercream and fresh strawberries for the filling allllll wrapped in creamy whipped vanilla buttercream.  Oh.  So.  Yummy.

welcome home cake

No fancy decorating here, just some simple swirls with the buttercream and a cute homemade bunting for the topper.

I must say I’m a very very lucky girl.  It’s so wonderful to have him home.  I love my Lieutenant Belanger!

welcome home cake 4


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